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Released: October 5, 2021
By: el Prof

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we get a dose of spirituality, refreshing and fun art today. Not all days on the OpenSeas are rough.

Money Talks

Bitcoin: $50k

Ethereum: $3.4k

Top 5 Collections on OpenSea: 103.09eth ($400k, today)

Top Sales of Today's Sample

1. Alien Shadow – 3eth

2. King #8 – .5eth

3. Honey Dripper Р.45eth

4. Dreamcatcher – 1.25eth

5. GANdroids B.032 – .35eth


#1 - Alien Shadow - 3eth

From Mexican artist, MoiThePainter, we have a pretty trippy water color gone digital.

The alien's shadow itself looks a lot larger than the humanoid body creating it, and I think that's the all seeing eye above.

Ancient Conspiracies Galore

#2 - King #8 - .5eth

This DOMO style Godzilla is snacking on an apple red convertible, I think.

Artist HarveyMCM is a clear cultureh0r and stained glass versions of all your favorite pop-culture characters are likely avail.

#3 - Honey Dripper - .45eth

The artist gives me deadhead vibes, while this piece reminds me of a childhood collectible toy series that I have long forgotten the name of.

The detail in this piece is exquisite and despite it's informal tone, I'm here for the fun lite style of CatDirty.

#4 - Dreamcatcher - 1.25eth

I'm not sure what it is about the coloring all of SoulCurry's art, but there an element at play that I can't quite identify that sets this artist apart from others working in a similar style.

It's a somber undertone in the colors or the faint detection of a pattern in the shading of pieces as opposed to a flat color that makes this pop.

#5 - GANdroids B.032 - .35eth

What happens when you smush to NFTs together? Well this apparently.

Gandroids are animations of robots that can have sex, producing two new robots, but only then they can never be used to create more.

I don't get it.

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