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Released: September 29, 2021
By: el Prof

Video #7

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it’s a hot & cold one out there today, as a photographer visits remote locations, snaps pics, and then shares a distortion with you, for more money than the trip there.

Money Talks

Bitcoin: $42.4k

Ethereum: $2.9k

Top 5 Collections on OpenSea: 5115.68eth ($15.3M, today)

Top Sales of Today's Sample

1. OBSCURE ALTERATION V2 #369 & #654 [tie] – .888eth

2. CRYPTO AI ART #370 – 1.99eth

3. Meridian #802 – 39eth

4. NEKO #0177 – .99eth

5. CryptoTeddies #073 – .44eth


#1 - OBSCURE ALTERATION V2 #369 - .888eth

meet fire, my favorite of the two top sales from photographer, MEESH.

I can only image that this is a really distorted picture of stalactite in a cave, but maybe im shooting in the dark 😉

#1 - OBSCURE ALTERATION V2 #654 - .888eth

Ice on the other hand is a lot less vibrant.

It looks to be a view of a valley in the middle of a mountain range, or an ocean storm. Whatever it is, it's making me sea-sick.

No disrespect to MEESH, b/c we have an actual artist in the top slot, but I just don't think photography is a challenging medium.

#2 - CRYPTO AI ART #370 - 1.99ETH

Can you feel the Christmas spirit in this piece, or are you being a Grinch?

kidding aside,, the organization behind this NFT set the original record for a digital collectible sale at a well known auction house back in 2018.

#3 - MERIDIAN #802 - 39ETH

This to me just feels like really expensive sand art. I won't say that if human created this, that I would like it any better, but detail like this means very little to me when it's just an algorithmic output.

Art needs to have emotion and for $120k this isn't it.

#4 - NEKO #0177 - .99ETH

NEKO is Japanese for cat, and other than being a low-rent knock off of CryptoKitties, offers little in the way of being a collectible or art.

8bit animation is so oversaturated, this is just another copy-cat.

#5 - CRYPTOTEDDIES #073 - .44ETH

If you are going to do an 8bit animation, a project like this is deserving of the label art.

Featuring a grumpy Ralph Lauren teddy bear, our protagonist shifts their mood as they sip on a morning coffee and before greeting the viewer.

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