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Released: September 28, 2021
By: el Prof

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Very little art today, but a whole lot of money. You’ll still probably like these NFTs, even if they’re algo-garbage.

Money Talks

Bitcoin: $41.9k

Ethereum: $2.9k

Top 5 Collections on OpenSea: 1622.12eth ($4.8M, today)

Top Sales of Today's Sample

1. Tilted Circle 046 – .33eth

2. Broken Crayon 187 – .139eth

3. Last Selfie – 150eth

4. Some Asshole – 1300eth

5. 256ART #3573 – .5eth


#1 - Tilted Circle 046 - .33eth

There's a 3d depth to this one the way the shading gradients work. I really like it. The artist is also behind Figma's redesign.

s/o Judson Collier! to the moon.

#2 - Broken Crayon 187 - .139eth

As a standalone piece, I kind of really fuck with it. The elements the artist behind this created for this algo-image are strong.

Knowing this piece of 'art' is the equivalent to pulling 3 red skittles out of a jar with thousands, I'm eh.

#3 - Last Selfie - 150eth

hey buddy, your looking a little grim in this photo, should we retake it?

Of our 2 static, garbage giphys today, this one is my favorite. If only for the opportunity to image, what location this poor fool for his deadly snap.

#4 - Some Asshole - 1300eth

Snoop Dawg would be that guy with Some Asshole, if the rumors turn out to be true. I'd expect nothingless from the rapper who loves to do it doggy style.

oh, this is the one that costs a mind boggling amount.

#5 - 256ART #3573 - .5eth

This may have been from some sort of weird, sudko-paint style, CD-ROM game, my aunt gave me back in the day. a birthday gift I surely played only once.

learnings not fun, if it feels like learning.

oh and this is nft is actually a "painting" of a blockchain block, produced by a blockchain computer to celebrate the algorithm that secures blockchain, SHA-256.

el Prof

el Prof

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