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Released: September 24, 2021
By: el Prof

Video #4

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pepe the frog gets their day in the, sun? our cultural melting pot finds bizarre ways of combining things that should definitely be kept separate.

Money Talks

Bitcoin: $41.2k

Ethereum: $2.7k

Top 5 Collections on OpenSea: 437.57eth ($1.2M, today)

Top Sales of Today's Sample

1. Lust of Life Gold – 4.5eth

2. Dallas, TX Р.07eth

3. Voxie #7893 – 80eth

4. Pepe in Turkish Costume – 4eth

5. Hybrid Doge Р1eth


#1 - Lust of Life Gold - 4.5eth

coming next fall, & probably featuring, Harrison Ford in real 1980's holographic form, is Indiana Jones & The Temple of a Golden Ark.

I don't know, but computer generated work like this doesn't move me.

#2 - Dallas, TX - .07eth

well, you are off to a better start than we are. Your NFT sale count is defintely higher, but I feel confident we can get you in the merchandising game.

Everything is bigger in Texas, are we surprised they made a statement, being the priciest metro bought?

#3 - Voxie #7893 - 80eth

this video game skin went for more than the cost of a prestigious medical school program, all 4-years.

needless to say, if you're not in this farmville community, it's probably because the cost is prohibitively expensive.

#4 - Pepe in Turkish Costume - 4eth

yes, this Russian troll of an artist is amazing. She not only paints works of acrylic and oil on canvas, she often recreates the scenes from the painting, with the painting in them, for a photograph, which she also sells.

endless content generation potential here & this is the most meta, metaverse artists I've come across. buy, if you can.

#5 - Hybrid Doge - 1eth

from a project called, Doge: Proof-of-WOW. You can have your very own doge meme inserted into a cultural icon or historical figure.

Computers make excellent and efficient servants, but I have no wish to serve under them. - Spock

el Prof

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