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is michael cera, actually just this claymation monkey?

Released: September 23, 2021
By: el Prof

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disfigured heads, and painting styles that translate to digital an overview of the work of Basquiat… an art major’s thesis on today’s selection.

Money Talks

Bitcoin: $43k

Ethereum: $3.1k

Top 5 Collections on OpenSea: 39.43eth ($120k, today)

Top Sales of Today's Sample

1. Anguish – .9eth

2. Trippy Head #26 Р.5eth

3. IAMS #135 – 1.2eth

4. DEF BOYYY GLD #3 Р.8eth

5. Nightkids Dream Membership – .0989eth


#1 - Anguish - .9eth

This still is not doing credit to the work of art that is this NFT piece, Anguish is an aptly fitting title and I encourage everyone to click & check this out.

Well done to artist Tom Fry, the detail in this piece and the seizure inducing frames, keep me both enraged, and engaged at the same time.

#2 - Trippy Head #26 - .5eth

Creamster Crypto's red brush strokes draws you attention quickly to what you can clearly gather is a fairly trippy head.

Maybe you can feel the rhythm in this?

I don't know, but the silhouette of this looks like Doofus Rick to me.

#3 - IAMS #135 - 1.2eth

this is michael cera in juno. if you haven't seen it, the movie is eh.

If you are curious what $3k can buy you in NFTs, you are looking at it.

I can't remember, but I think there's actually a cool metaverse project associated with this one.

#4 - DEF BOYYY GLD #3 - .8eth

This idol, is just dripping in gold-laden vanity. Nothing screams reckless fiscal policy & wealth inequality more than shit like this (roaring 20's, depressing 30's)

even the backstory written for these characters is entertaining, if ultimately unbelievable given the resulting collection, but I digress.

It's dumb shit like this, that's well executed, that makes NFTs fun.

#5 - Nightkids Dream Membership - .0989eth

If you want to spend, nearly a $1000 to join an internet club that owns these tickets, be my guest.

Charlie Day seems to be the mastermind behind this project, that gives off undeniable creep vibes, in like a cute way tho.

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