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Do you care about art? Maybe. You are here.

those of you who are here to appreciate art, will enjoy my colorful commentary on some of the projects pushing the boundaries of the definition online.

For everyone who said, no, that’s totally cool too. There’s a sh*t ton of money to be made collecting. I’m here to help you ride these nasty waves like a champ.

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Who dis?

Growing up people told me that I had a cartoonish voice, but thanks to my buddy Chad, I now have a caricature too. I'm el Prof, but most people I know, call me Connor.

My background, personal, academic, and professional, is complicated. Sometimes it sounds like it came out of a random word generator, the luckiest one ever.

What's worth knowing is that I have a master's of science in business analytics & data science, a bachelo'rs in political science & entrepreneurship, have worked in the advertising technology industry for 8 years, peaked as an Accelerate Growth Strategist @ Google servicing recently funded startups, before quitting to do this.

I absolutely have not made it yet, but I'm going to use what I know to get me there. Come along for the journey and learn with me.

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